1. How Can I Register?
You have to register yourself at our website and have to pay to access MeraGana's Karaoke library.
2. How To Cancel The Subscription?
3. Can I Check The Quality Of Song Before Registering?
4. Which Credit/Debit Cards do You Accept?
5. How To Become A Subscriber If I don't Have a Credit/Debit Card?
6. Can The Payment Be "Failed" After Paying By Credit/Debit Card?
7. Can I Subscribe For One Month Only?
8. Message Showing "Already Registered" While registering To Become A Member.
9. Can I Convert My Monthly Subscripiton Into A Yearly Subscription?
10. Can I Offer The Subscription As A Gift To My Friend(s)?
11. Can I Access The Songs Instantly After The Paying Subscription Fee?
12. Can I Download The Track?
13. Can I Use My Username On More Than One System At The Same Time?
14. Is There Any Software I Need For The MeraGana Karaoke Off-line Player?
15. Can I Request My Favourite Song If It Is Not Available In MeraGana's List?
16. Lyrics are Incomplete, Have An Error Or There is a Problem In The Song/Track.
17. Can I Use The Track In Public Or For a Public Performance?
18. What Is The Sound Quality Of The Track Like?
19. How Often Are New Songs Added to MeraGana's List?
20. Can I Record The Track?
21. How Do I Change My Password/Username?
22. Can I Make My Own Playlist?
23. Can I Listen To The Track With Guide or Without Guide?