Karaoke Player
Is There Any Software I Need For The MeraGana Karaoke Off-line Player?

Yes, you will need The MeraGana Karaoke Off-line Player. This can be downloaded from the link here .

Can I Make My Own Playlist?

Yes, you can make your own playlist. In your Off-line Player, go to My Songs, right click on the track and select "Add to." and select your playlist. You need to have one playlist in your list to add the song..

Can I Listen To The Track With Guide or Without Guide?

There are two (2) audio tracks that we have on our system. You can select between "audio with guide (cue)" and "audio without guide (no cue)". The reason we have kept 2 tracks is for a person to practice with the "audio with guide" and then sing with the "audio without guide". You can go to "My Settings" on your off-line player and set your preference as a default.